L’Equip Dehydrator Review

L’equip has produced many different models of dehydrators and they are all specific in their appearance and functions. Let us examine a common L’equip dehydrator:

L’Equip Dehydrator

L’equip dehydrator motor power

All the L’equip dehydrators have a 500+ (W) motor power. This is more than enough power for drying your food quickly and efficiently. There’s no food that this dehydrator cannot dry within a few hours!

Ability to upgrade trays

While you only get a few (5-6) trays along with the dehydrator, there’s an option for upgrading to up to 20 trays! This is one of the best aspects of L’equip food dehydrators. The trays have a square shape and are organized in a tower-like construction that expands in height as you add more trays. They are very easy to remove, clean and maintain (completely dishwasher safe), and they don’t contain any unknown plastics (BPA free).

Energy consumption

Every L’equip dehydrator has a very low energy consumption, which is very important because the food takes a couple of hours to dry, and you don’t want huge electric bills.

This is a great thing with expandable units, as they don’t waste energy and heat up any unused space. Instead, the energy is only spent on the trays containing the actual food.

Easy to clean and maintain

As mentioned before, all the trays from the dehydrator can be very easily removed and cleaned using a dishwasher (too high temperatures might damage the trays though).

Not too large and not too loud…

Of course, since the L’equip food dehydrator is stackable, its size is obviously going to depend on the number of trays. However, standard measures are 17 by 11-4/5 by 10-1/2 inches. Size can be a deceiving thing – make sure you have enough room to place one of these before you actually go ahead and make a purchase.

All dehydrators make a certain amount of noise while active (they are not microwaves), but most people get used to this fast. Luckily, the L’equip dehydrator is relatively silent.

Heat regulation

Heat regulation is ensured by a thermostat which can be easily adjusted from 93 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This enables you to regulate the pace and intensity yourself.

Price and warranty

Compared to other contestants in its class, this dehydrator blows everyone away with its quality/price ratio! An Excalibur dehydrator with similar performance might cost you up to twice as much (just for the sake of comparison).

If you buy the L’equip dehydrator via Amazon, you will also get an amazing 12-year warranty! This tells you about the confidence of the L’equip dehydrator manufacturers.

All in all – this product is a great buy and highly recommended.

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